Sometimes to get the results we are looking for on our site, we need to look at a few not so obvious elements. Sure some are obvious, for example the design, if the design is not user friendly, or the content and call to action just isn’t clear it can definitely affect the user experience. Other things that affect our site are less obvious though. Some of these things include Site Speed, Page/Link Errors and the use of Meta Keywords and Description.

Site Speed
Have you ever sat down at your computer to check out a website and had it time out? Or…what happens more often than that is WE as users time out. If a site takes so long to load that we get distracted and click another tab/window/link to look at while we are waiting for the site to load, chances are we might not get back to it. That is the kind of thing that leads to a high bounce rate because we are literally bouncing off of the site if we have to wait too long. Things to look at include the number of plugins you have, do you really need them all? What about your hosting plan? One of the fabulous things that our hosting provides is crazy fast load times. Keeping your main landing pages relatively light on content and widgets helps a lot.

Page/Link Errors
Sometimes there are parts of our sites that just don’t work. Maybe you got interrupted while adding a link, typed .comm instead of .com or maybe a page got deleted and there is no way you could have known about it! Running a report on the basic performance/issues on a site that includes this kind of issue can be considered the equivalent of pickingĀ up your living room when you have guests coming over.

Meta Stuff
Meta Keywords and Description are other things that often times get looked over when someone is starting a site and maybe hasn’t learned about what these mysterious fields represent. Most obvious is the Meta Description, this is something that we see EVERY time we search for something. Results that show up often contain the title of the page, along with a little blurb taken from the site. If you have your Meta Description field filled out, this is what shows up! If you don’t have that summary thoughtfully written, depending on the search engine you might get the first sentence or two of the post or page that has made it to the results page, and if it doesn’t make sense to the person who is looking for your site? Then you just lost that visitor to your site.

Just a taste of what can affect your website performance, these three items can help a lot though! What have you found helps your site performance? Do you have any tips to share?