Not Just A Website was created to fulfill the need that we (Kristin & Geoff) saw all around us. We saw lots of people and small businesses were (and still are) either making their own websites, or having someone else do it, and then weren’t maintaining them. Both Geoff and Kristin have a lot of experience creating sites for other people, managing the site development for other people and also paying attention to what is changing with strategy regarding not just Website Optimization and their SEO, but Business, Marketing with Social Media, Email Marketing, and more. We will meet you wherever you are in all of this and help however we can.

When we host your site, we make sure that we are taking frequent backups of it, as well as keeping it maintained and functioning at it’s best. What that means for you is that when your customer goes to your site it is a POSITIVE EXPERIENCE. Kristin has a BFA in Communication Design and is known to be a UX (User Experience) Evangelist and will certainly help you make sure your site is doing this both technically and visually.

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